The Toyota Yaris WRC returns to Catalonia to test for the


The first test of Toyota Yaris WRC in Catalunya was a major thorn in Toyota Gazoo Racing, every time that several of the days of the tests were interrupted by various problems that were from a broken suspension to a malfunction of the engine . Perhaps for this reason or because Tommi Mäkinen has chosen the Catalan lands as the epicenter of its test, the World Rally Car of Toyota has turned up on two occasions to Catalunya . In both cases, he has been the team moved to Spain has told with Juho Hänninen as a pilot at the wheel of the Yaris WRC.

The last of these visits are taking place this week, as andl Toyota Yaris WRC has been spotted in full test in the region of Bages, area in the center of Catalonia is situated in the province of Barcelona. More than 130 kilometres from the epicentre usual the Rally RACC Catalunya, only finals in our country, it is true that Tommi Mäkinen Racing has given an enclave in which the test the latest innovations of the Toyota Yaris WRC. In this aspect, in addition to increased reliability, the World Rally Car seems to have taken a step forward in performance.

As explained by some of the fans who have approached the area of test equipment, the Toyota Yaris WRC has a behavior more effective the shown three weeks ago in the test starred by Tommi Mäkinen. In this aspect, the Yaris WRC piloted this week by Juho Hänninen has a sound much more consistent and, above all, seems to have improved in traction. An important part of this test has been focused in the suspensions, every time that the computer has chosen a stretch with a remarkable leap that Juho Hänninen has a proven time and time again to check the efficiency of the Toyota Yaris WRC in the ‘landings’, as you can see in the video.