The Toyota Yaris WRC TMR debuts with 1,000 miles


The photo corresponds to the Toyota Yaris WRC TMG, not to the unit developed by Tommi Mäkinen Racing

Tommi Mäkinen has achieved its first two objectives,
that is news in a project full of delays and that it has left more doubts than
other thing. The new Toyota Yaris WRC debut in Finland and covered by
the latitude and topography in which it has been
developed this first test, the team has achieved its World Rally Car
follow in the most absolute secret
. No pictures or videos in which we can
know their ways, the Toyota Yaris WRC has completed 1,000 kilometres of test
during five days of tests marked by adverse weather.

The own Tommi Mäkkinen and Juho Hänninen have been the
in charge of driving the Yaris WRC 2017 during this test
, which a priori has
passed without major incident at a technical level or reliability. A first
step that serves the equipment to collect the first data of the World Rally Car and
prepare a solid base on which are supported by you the next sessions of tests that will be the Toyota Yaris WRC to shoot in different scenarios of Europe, where it was expected to be able to see
the first images of the Yaris WRC 2017.

A preparation in the that you have so much to say new
signings of Toyota Gazoo Racing
, once the training with Tommi Mäkinen and
Jarmo Lehtinen has been proposed ‘fish’ in the other formations of the WRC. In
the last few weeks and months the team has managed to secure the services
Paul Murphy, Tom Fowler, Simon Carrier, or Michael Zotos, four names
weight in the championship and that at one time or another have passed through the ranks
M-Sport, Hyundai or Subaru. In addition, the device also features Thierry
, heavy weight, in the past, Mitsubishi in the Dakar.