The transition to the electric car will eliminate jobs, according to Continental

Tesla Model S - producción

Line of production of the Tesla Model S in the factory of the company in the Netherlands.

May not be the statements more optimistic with the start of a new year, but today is today and if such an important office as the CEO of Continental made these comments, we must echo the same. As you may have read the title of the article, the debate becomes to be served. how Will the transition to the electric vehicle, a loss of jobs? it Is clear that things will not be the same. These are times of change and as the saying goes, “adapt or die”.

Elmar Degenhart, CEO of Continental, has declared that the transition for manufacturers and, ultimately, the automotive industry, the electric car will bring the loss of many jobs in the production lines and assembly. Even Degenhart put as example to the company that he manages, ensuring that this transition will cost a relevant number of employees at Continental.

“Due to the low value-added, many of the production jobs will be lost. There is enough time to design the process in such a way that the “hit” of this transition to be as smooth as possible and avoid to the extent possible the loss of jobs. It is still too early to quantify what amount are we talking about, although it will be important to”.

Tesla Model S - producción

Thus is produced the Tesla Model S in Europe.

Back, putting Continental example, Elmar Degenhart pointed out that between 30,000 and 218,000 jobs in the company are directly related to combustion engines, and if demand starts to decrease in favor of electric vehicles, the German company will be forced to try to restructure its workforce and to minimize this drop.

to prepare For what is coming, Degenhart commented not long ago that Continental will work to increase the number of employees in key departments with respect to the electric mobility and, thus be prepared to face the future of the automotive industry. Although not entered into details, he confirmed that it will launch new research and development projects.

¿How is currently the market of electric vehicle in Europe? we have Already dropped in a previous article, but while we wait for the main organizations publish the figures of enrolments exact, we anticipate that 2016 has been a year of record sales of electric cars in Europe. At the european level have circulated more than half a million electric vehicles, making Europe the world’s second largest market behind only China.