The transplant engine is more crazy: a diesel of three cylinders in a muscle car!

When we talk about engine swaps, we tend to think of installing engines much more powerful in the car which a priori are not prepared to do this. For example, a huge W12 engine in the back of a Volkswagen Golf GTI. Unless you live in Cuba, it’s not usually to do the opposite. Unless you have free time and wanted to do experiments, as anyone who has installed a diesel engine of three cylinders in a beautiful Plymouth Road Runner of the year 1970. Is it a madness? Yes, but perhaps not as much as you think.

The Plymouth Roadrunner was sold in 1970 with an engine 6.2-liter V8 of 335 HP as motorization of access. Ups…

The owner of this Road Runner acquired just your body, from someone who had used it for drag racing, so you can understand the video that you post. As we had no engine or transmission, he decided to transplantarle an engine of the most curious. A Detroit Diesel 3-53, a diesel naturally aspirated three-cylinder and two-stroke. It is not the diesel-typical three cylinders and low power: it has a 2.6-liter displacement and develops correct 101 HP of power, u.s. at 278 Nm of maximum torque.

To be a two-stroke, does not sound as bad as other diesel three cylinder, it seems to turn the double laps of the tour really. It works with a mixture of cooking oil and gasoline, and despite having to move two tons of car – only the engine weighs about 500 kilos – consumes an average of 8 l/100 km, This engine was used in industrial applications, such as for example cranes or generators. Despite not being a transplant, glamorous, is a breath of fresh air between both V8 and both turbo. And it doesn’t sound so bad.

Source: Jalopnik
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