The Trekka: the all-rounder of New Zealand predecessor of Škoda Kodiaq


Enjoyed numerous variants of bodywork.

The signature Czech wants to remind us of the classic Trekka, one of the predecessors of its new flagship product, the new SUV Kodiaq 7-seater, which now meets precisely a half-century of life. Although to call him a predecessor can lead to deception, since the relationship that this off-road of the sixties, with the Czech brand is merely circumstantial, in that the the Trekka was the work of a company of New Zealand, where it was developed and manufactured, from the elements of the Škoda Octavia of the time.

In those years, the decade of the sixties, in New Zealand had aggressive and onerous tax burdens for the importation and sale of motor vehicles, including those made in neighbouring Australia, so that the production, with elements under license in that country was an acceptable alternative, despite the fact that the costs are greater than those of a manufacturer general practitioner.

This was one of the proposals that took place at that time, and the most successful, since the Trekka is considered to be the first vehicle developed and manufactured completely in New Zealand in large quantities.


The Trekka in New Zealand was a real vehicle field.

To do this they employed the rack, shortened the Škoda Octavia of that time, as well as its mechanics, and with a design extremely simplistic, with obvious parallels to the legendary Land Rover Series I, was approved as a vehicle for rural. What enabled it will skip the burdens that they had those vehicles type-approved as cars.

The system was based on the majority of components were manufactured in the own New Zealand, being imported only the train mechanic. Which allowed the total costs were very low, so that the Trekka was the vehicle’s most economic available at that time.

company in new zealand liable to be called Engine Lines, a company dedicated to import the models of the signature Czech, and by what we have been able to find out tracking a little in the network, where there is even a website devoted to the model, apparently is based on another project of a similar company, which initially were intended to be associated, but once the time is ripe to develop it, Motor LInes took the solo work, using the above-mentioned frame and mechanics of origin Czech.


Cheap, simple and modular, ideal for youth.

it is Not known in New Zealand outside marketed under the brand Škoda, in fact, in the images file not seen the name or emblem of the mark in any angle. Being referred to simply as “Trekka”, which was presented to the public for the first time on December 2, 1966.

The mechanical was a four-cylinder 1.2-liter that had a 47 HP and a bare-bones pair of only 87 Nm, however, thanks to an extraordinary weight of between 900 and 1,000 pounds, the Trekka was able to reach up to 110 km/h with a consumption of about 11 litres/100km.

But despite its low price, the really interesting part of the Trekka was the modularity of your body. Your box design could not be more simple and computer, reaching out to offer you several options of body, since cabin closed up to version Pick-up without a roof, passing even by ambulances, one of which served in the Vietnam war. I could accommodate 2 to 8 passengers, and its simple mechanics made it easily repairable, although not reliable, since the poor manufacturing of the model caused to have constant failures. Yes, very simple repair.


Version Pick-Up, with the box open.

The Trekka may be regarded by history as the Beetle or the 2CV from New Zealand, being even imported to other countries, including Australia, where it was a fiasco because of its simplicity, as the australian public had in the market with better and more robust options are available.

Into your market home, the island of New Zealand, was a success with around 3.00 units manufactured. Recall that the number of official population at the time of launch in that country was a mere 2.711.300 inhabitants, a figure lower than that of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, with more than 3 million people today.

the success of The Trekka ended when the restrictive policies on imports ended in that country. , in the seventies, which led to the arrival of numerous foreign manufacturers with more sophisticated products and at a good price, which became obsolete immediately to the Trekka.


The Trekka is part of the history of New Zealand.

Within the history of the brand, the Trekka , we could define it really as a derivative mechanic of the range Czech, because it was never marketed or manufactured by this, more than as predecessor real Kodiaq. That does not mean it really is one of the first vehicles off road, and of relative success, with the genes of the house Czech.