The Trorricelli brake is an invention that reduces by 40% the braking distance


The Brake Torricelli it is based on a metal plate high friction automatically folds through a system based on a vacuum circuit system. The braking distance is reduced by 40%.


freno U n brakes based on a vacuum device is the new invention Autoliv , a company with Swedish and American genes posed with his invention a substantial improvement in stopping distances.

This is an additional device conventional brake system, which operates through a vacuum pump , displaying a plate coated with high friction surface acting before emergency braking for an immediate arrest. The system, which honors the Italian physicist Toriccelli comes as a complement to autonomous braking systems present in vehicles of last generation.

Based on a metal plate that is automatically displayed with the help of a vacuum system.

Its creators say it is especially effective in situations of soil delicate grip conditions as snow, ice or water. To test their effectiveness they released a promotional video which can be seen a vehicle stop at a mannequin presented as an obstacle.

In the test, emergency braking 50 kph that under normal conditions would take about 15 meters for a total halt, with Autoliv system is reduced to only 10.8 meters , while not seem so are four meters and a half that can mean the difference between saving the life of a pedestrian or not, especially in urban traffic.

The key to the system is great sheet metal located under the rear of the vehicle, which is deployed automatically to an emergency stop. When the iron touches the asphalt causes a bonding effect that helps stop the vehicle more quickly. Autoliv indicates that your system braking distance is reduced by 40% .