The truck is more flashy, and expensive, the world is also the whim of the Sultan of Johor

Who has not sung never that of “I to be happy want a truck”? Who doesn’t remember Walter Pandiani, the one soccer player that instead of going to training with his new sport, he did it in a red truck? By the looks of it, the Sultan of Johor, in Malaysia, should be the Pandiani of the sultans from all over the world. Passionate about trucks did not hesitate to instruct the division to australian Mack Trucks fabricarle the truck more ostentatious and expensive than they have ever built. Because in the end, who better than an australian manufacturer, used to create stunning road trains, to manufacture a truck as spectacular as this.

This truck is so ostentatious and extravagant that it even has ornaments of solid gold in the hood and a barbecue.

The truck of the Sultan of Johor, which is actually a tractor, is so expensive and swanky that have preferred not to advertise its price. Although some turnover on the million dollars. Mack Trucks is a manufacturer with a lot of solera in the united States, in addition to producing trucks in Australia, belongs to the business Swedish AB Volvo, the truck division, and industrial, Volvo.

and they Say that this truck has details as bizarre as ornaments of solid gold in the hood and even your own bbq. (ABC News) Who has not ever dreamed to go on a picnic in a truck?

how And why someone would want a truck like this? apparently, the Sultan of Johor had the need to transport your boat, which by the size of this truck you can go making you an idea of how it will be (The Verge). And boasting of the maximum of the “before dead simple”, he thought that a regular truck and the current was too mainstream for a man of his level.

Mack Trucks and the company in charge of its preparation required more than a year of work to finish this assignment so special, that culminated with its official presentation, high for everything, in an event that took place these days in Brisbane.

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