The truck of Volvo, The Iron Knight, beat several speed records

Volvo The Iron Knight camión récorda week Ago I presented to The Iron Knight the truck Volvo that he wanted to break some speed records. What was a simple intention, we can already say that it has become a reality. The Swedish brand confirms to us that his beast has managed to two world speed records, for trucks. Achieves this thanks to its D13 engine, four turbos, which develops 2.400 HP and 6000 Nm of torque.

The records obtained have been touring 500 metres and 1,000 metres from a standing start in less time. In the first case, The Iron Knight walked to 500 meters in 13.71 an seconds at an average speed of 131,29 km/h. For the second record, the truck got to go through 1,000 meters in 21,29 seconds at an average speed of 169,09 km/h. During these tours reached a top speed of 276 km/h.

The chosen one for this quest was Boije Ovebrink, a pilot with more than 30 years of experience in competition. He himself was in possession of records prior to board another truck Volvo. It was in 2012 when the brand had to Mean Green, a hybrid truck then surprised the entire world. But as technology has advanced and now The Iron Knight, this monster of 4.5 tons, has been dethroned.

One of the most important aspects of this vehicle have been tires. These have been developed especially for Goodyear and have been manufactured from the carcasses of tires of truck normal, although compounds and drawings of band are specific. Remember, this brand also supplies the European Truck Championship of the FIA. In short, Volvo and its The Iron Knight is done with some records amazing.

Source – Volvo

Volvo The Iron Knight camión récord
Volvo The Iron Knight camión récord
Volvo The Iron Knight camión récord