The truth is still out there: Ford is present in the return of the X files

I Admit that I find it hard to hide the emotion before the return of Record X. there Was a time that when we talked about television fiction non-commented stories of the Stark and Lannister, or we were developing complex theories about what was happening in an island, the smoke, and the other. There was a time that we were talking of conspiracies planetary and enjoyed the struggle between skepticism almost scientific Dana Scully, and the belief that there are mysteries to be solved, of fearless researcher and poster of “I want to believe” on the wall of Fox Mulder. A time in which, between plots, and amazing stories worthy of a series of science fiction most popular of all time, Ford we ran their product placement. And will continue to do so as of this week, as Ford has confirmed its presence in the return of the X files, with the arrival of a tenth season with format mini-series of 6 chapters (the first chapter was issued last night in the united States).

The Crown Victoria, Taurus, and now the new Explorer, they are undoubtedly vehicles, very appropriate for a product-placement agents of the FBI.

Although the product placement came to be even cheeky, with moments that even Fox Mulder was referring to his Ford Taurus as “a good american car”, you need to recognize that the relationship was very appropriate. A Taurus or a Crown Victoria was, undoubtedly, a perfect car for an FBI agent. Although after so many years many of us go to cost to see Duchovny in another car that is not a Porsche 911 convertible with a headlight shattered.

product placement Ford, the presence of sponsored cars, dating back to the pilot episode, and thus would be maintained, with greater or lesser intensity, for eight years.


  • Ford has wanted to be present at the return of X-files with his new Ford Explorer, say, animated by the technological image of your product that you want to convey in a series like this. But mostly because the presence on television to sell cars, and even more if you bet for a series that, even though it is only for the good memories that will bring us to many, has all the inklings of becoming one of the sensations of the start of the first season of the series from 2016.

    How we can see it in Spain?

    Fox has announced the premiere this Tuesday, January 26, with a first chapter to the 22:20, and a second chapter at 23:10. In both cases can be viewed in Spanish or in original version with subtitles. The television channel Fox, in turn, can be seen on the platforms of cable Movistar+, Vodafone TV, Orange TV, Telecable, R, etc.

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