The turbo, the cause of the abandonment of Bottas in Barcelona


life at Mercedes is still successful, but much less placid than in the previous three seasons. In the five races held in 2017, the German team has only won three of them and, while any team would sign such a figure, what is certain is that in around 2016 let out only two grand Prizes, the same that has already lost this year.

This, in addition to have been noticed in the strategies of some races in which the team has failed under the pressure of Ferrari, you might also get to do it in what reliability is concerned.

In the Spanish Grand Prix, Valtteri Bottas had a complicated weekend because of the engine. on Friday, the mechanics detected problems in the new motor that had been assembled for this race and had a new evolution mechanics. This led him to ride again the engine that he had completed the first four races of the year, which ended up favoring a break in career.

According to Toto Wolff, the failure came in the turbo and that was something that had not occurred previously. “We’ve identified the root of the problem, the turbo. We had not had this defect before, which clearly shows that we have to be doubly diligent. It is a technical sport and if you get past the limits, you will have technical problems”, said Wolff.

We are immersed in an intense duel with Ferrari which obliges us to overcome our limits every weekend.

And is that the dispute with Ferrari being the more matched in a long time, with neither team showing clearly higher than in any of the races so far this season. “We are immersed in an intense duel with Ferrari. On the one hand, it is very exciting and challenging, but on the other, obliges us to overcome our limits every weekend, is the new reality of Formula 1”, said Wolff, convinced that this will be the constant all over the year.

In any case, Mercedes is still the rider with less reliability issues this year, as some of the pilots that use motors, Ferrari, Honda or Renault, have already surpassed the limit of four components for the season or are close to doing it.