The two faces of Niki Lauda


Niki Lauda has a peculiar character. It is not a secret and at the heart of Mercedes-AMG know this. The three-times World Champion has no problems to say what you think even if that is not what is politically correct. You do not have hairs on the tongue. However, Nico Rosberg believes that Niki Lauda has two faces. The German pilot considers that despite the weight of his statements, his role in the formation of German is secondary, making it very clear that Toto Wolff and Paddy Lowe are the ones which carry the of truth the singing voice on the computer.

There are two different faces of Niki Lauda. What it says on the tv is usually completely different to what it says behind closed doors. So the important thing for me is what happens internally in the team,” said Nico Rosberg. The German considers that the weight of the training the have two people, leaving Lauda in a supporting role: Toto Wolff and Paddy Lowe are the ones who direct the business. Niki Lauda plays a supporting role, I guess. As a former pilot, understands many things. It is very necessary in his role as conciliator, and uniting people in difficult times”.

Although Mercedes-AMG has won the past two titles of pilots and builders, at times the tension within the team between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton has been remarkable and above all, palpable outside the walls of the formation. However, this is the last water, and Nico Rosberg is working intensively to prepare in the season of 2016, which does not rule out Red Bull: there are Always Red Bull. They are a very strong team. Up until a year ago and a half were absolute rulers. You can always come back, so we have to be very careful with them”.