The two sides of the coin: Range Rover Sport SVR and P400e. What would you choose?

Today we bring you two versions totally antagonists. The two have their public and two represent visions very different from what has to be the mobility today. On one hand we have the powerful Range Rover Sport SVR with a V8 engine turbo, that is the delight of all lovers of performance and you can call it anything but eco-friendly. On the other, the Range Rover Sport P400e, a plug-in hybrid that lets you navigate with a cost very content, without sacrificing performance when you need it. What would you choose you?

Both versions have come from the hand of the update, or restyling that has made Land Rover for its off-road, to stand up to rivals like the Porsche Cayenne. To part of the engines, the main changes that have been experienced are your exterior and interior design and new equipment, more technology, such as the grille, the LED headlights or the two touch screens of 10 inches.

Range Rover Sport SVR: brute force

Focusing on the Range Rover Sport SVR, we can clearly see the intentions of Land Rover. Large openings in the engine hood, carbon fiber on all sides and a engine from the Jaguar F-Type SVR. Everything points to the off-road that we have before us is a high-performance machine.

And so confirm their 575 HP of power and 700 Nm of maximum torque. With 25 HP more than the previous version, is able to reduce its acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h in 0.2 seconds, stopping the clock in 4.5 seconds, reach the impressive top speed of 280 km/h. Not bad for a off-road of 2.310 kg

Range Rover Sport P400e: efficiency and good performance

In contrast, the Range Rover Sport P400e is the same model, but already from the outside you see that your philosophy is completely different. In the main photo of this article you might have been able to give the feeling that it is unbalanced, but that is the case. It is the natural inclination of your body to go through a fast bend. A swinging suspension of the sport SVR can’t afford if it wants to match its sporty character. Under the hood it has the four-cylinder engine Ingenium 2.0-liter and 300 HP that joins forces with another electrical with 115 HP. Together can yield a not inconsiderable power of 404 HP, which allows it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds and reach 220 km/h.

But even though they are 171 CV that separate these two units, the biggest difference is in the consumption. According to their approvals, the SVR spends between 7.5 and 7.9 litres, and the P400e is formed with 2.8 liters, of course, these are figures obtained in the cycle NEDC that we already know that they are not realistic, but serve as a comparison.

Technology at the service of the savings with no driver intervention

in Addition, the P400e has two driving modes: one hybrid and another 100% electric. The first combines gasoline and electricity looking for the savings or the performance according to what is required by the driver. In addition, it prevents the battery charge falls below the level that you have selected and uses the function of energy optimization predictive that uses the destination specified in the browser the altitude data of the GPS to automatically choose whether to use one power or the other. For example, if the computer knows that soon there will be a decrease in the that you can recharge the battery, will tend to use the electric as long as possible before and thus save fuel.

The battery used in the Range Rover P400e is lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 13.1 kWh (50% higher than that of a Prius Plug-in Hybrid). It is located in the rear underneath the trunk, which reduces cargo space of 780 litres “only” 703. According to Land Rover to fully charge the battery takes two hours and 45 minutes via fast charging and seven hours and 30 minutes in a normal socket. Enough to do it during the night.

As you can see, the two versions not only differ by their power and performance, but in the intelligence that is behind each propeller. Add to this the price difference, that while in the Range Rover Sport SVR is 151.400 euros, in the P400e is around 90,000 euros. And now you again ask, what would you choose you?

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