The U.S. army released a Chevrolet Colorado FCEV

Hummer H1After the death of Hummer and its range of products, the army of the united States he was orphaned of military vehicles adapted for driving on all types of roads and situations. However, General Motors is not willing to give up this parcel of business to any brand rival, and therefore alongside the american army is developing a new multi-purpose vehicle to the troops of his nation.

To do this, General Motors and the Center for Research, Development and Engineering of Automotive of the Army of the united States signed in 2015, a convention that has developed a new vehicle tailored to the needs of the american army. This model will be presented during the next month of October and will be based on the Chevrolet Colorado.

Chevrolet Colorado FCEVhowever, this Chevrolet Colorado is not like those who are the americans to see for their roads. This model unlike the rest of the range will be moved by a stack of hydrogen fuel. The Chevrolet Colorado PHEV, as it will be called, will continue to maintain its configuration pick-up truck and will be based on the model of street with the exception of its powerplant.

With this model, the army of the united States will demonstrate that this type of propulsion, the fuel cell stack, is perfectly compatible with the military uses that will be allocated for the model. In addition, this model will provide the tactical missions silent running almost imperceptibly, the possibility of obtaining water after the combustion of the hydrogen and the generation of extra energy to use in specific situations.

Using this model, both General Motors as the army of the united States benefit from each other, since the first can enhance the applications of its fuel cell in order to improve their performance and commercial applications. For his part, the second improvement to its tactical mobility and with the due adaptations could stop relying on fossil fuels.

Source – CarScoops