The uk could also prohibit burning cars to 2040

recently met that France could ban the sale of cars of combustion by 2040, an issue that has left many amazed and at the same time hesitant about whether to finally take out that plan.

The gallic country, with its minister of ecological transition, Nicolas Hulot, would have taken this as responding to the green plan with the to try and be carbon-free by 2050.

would Now be the turn of the United Kingdom, which also seems to be interested in to ban the sale of cars of combustion to 2040. The purpose of this decision would be to reduce pollution, which can cause problems for citizens due to the dangerous levels that are reached at certain points of the country.

According to a spokesperson of the british government, the plan will help to improve the quality of the air in the country, particularly in the big cities, such as London, which has exceeded the limits of pollution established by the European Union for years.

How to run the uk plan?

A first step to implement the plan to control and reduce the pollution of the country is make that cars do not have to brake and accelerate, which maintain an average speed, something that could reduce the emissions of gases. To do this, the government is removing roundabouts and bumps on the roads.

burning cars will not be prohibited, but only the sales of them. With this, the government will grant subsidies to the hybrid and electric to gradually make the transition to be effective and reach the limit by the year 2040. Something that also made France a few weeks ago.

The sad fact

What is certain is that the british government currently does not have enough support to make this plan to be effective. The project of the year 2040 must first be approved in parliament by a vote, and therefore, to day of today are only ideas and assumptions.

the United Kingdom is not, nor much less, the only country that is trying to ban cars to combustion. As you already know, France is trying, although, these on the contrary have more support in parliament. Even so, many countries are trying to stop the sales of these cars, such as the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, or India.

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