The Uk sales hold up despite the Brexit

Vauxhall Astra Reino Unidoto Talk about Uk and the automotive industry is to mix tradition with the avant-garde. The country anglo-saxon is very important for the sector at european level. Their gures speak for themselves: is the fourth largest producer on the continent, have large marks as Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Aston Martin, and in your country there are manufacturers that are so important as Nissan, Toyota and Honda, among others. In addition, to finish, we must say that by sales volume the second most important country after Germany.

Proof of their weight and importance is that despite the yes to Brexit and its future disconnection of the single european market, their citizens are still betting on the sector. So much so that in September, the sales return to be placed in the black after the small after-foot of the month of August. While it is true that growth that have had the sales compared to the same month of last year is only a 1.6 percent.

Ford Fiesta ST 5 puertasAccording to the Society of Manufacturers and Traders of Automobiles (SMMT with its abbreviations in English) enrollment of the british market, bringing together England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, they carry a good pace. During September have been managed to enroll 496.696 units, however by the system of enrollment which takes Uk sales of September, like march, are very significant.

With the data of September the market in United Kingdom is situated in 2.150.495 units registered. This accumulated represents a 2.6 per cent more the same month of the last year. Therefore, it is more than likely that the United Kingdom close their particular year car for over two and a half million units.

ten brands that increased volume of sales have been achieved obtained are the following:

  1. Ford 49.078
  2. Vauxhall 41.697
  3. VW 33.722
  4. BMW 32.595
  5. Mercedes 31.988
  6. Audi 31.113
  7. Nissan 27.807
  8. Toyota 18.888
  9. Renault 17.275
  10. Hyundai 17.039

In general there are no big news as Ford is considered a mark homeland and Vauxhall also. However, the data of the second below the first. The japanese manufacturers Nissan and Toyota are very well placed, something logical, thanks to their factories and the reputation they have in the country. Volkswagen has fallen 14.1 percent. Closing the top 10 is Hyundai, a brand that not long ago occupied positions more low, but its good to do the are becoming a serious danger to other firms.

with Respect to the best selling models the list is of the following form:

  1. Ford Fiesta 19.769
  2. Vauxhall Corsa 14.570
  3. VW Golf 11.003
  4. Ford Focus 10.992
  5. Nissan Qashqai 10.619
  6. VW Polo 9.765
  7. Vauxhall Astra 9.495
  8. Audi A3 9.252
  9. Mini Hatch 9.025
  10. Mercedes Class C 8.603

Ford Fiesta is intractable and by far rivals more established including the Vauxhall Corsa which is in a distance quite marked. Are curious the data of the Mini Hatch, however in this figure are included the data of the three-door body and the cabrio. Another curious data is to see how the Qashqai exceeds ten thousand units and continues as the compact SUV most in demand.

Source – SMMT

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