The ultimate in safety: So are the airbags for the sunroof of Hyundai

Many are the advances that are made in regards to the security in the automobile. Starting with the incorporation of the safety belt from Volvo, going by the ABS was invented by Bosch in the 80s, and reaching up to airbags developed by Mercedes in the early 80’s. All of these systems have been shown to be of great utility to the users.

as times change, so do the cars, and now we can see many new models with roof panoramic, giving passengers a greater feeling of freedom, yet still be inside the cabin. This type of roofing are specifically developed to resist all types of rollovers, but Hyundai has gone beyond that and has developed the first airbag to the roof with panoramic views.

His function does not differ much from that of any other drivers, either belt, hood or only to the squares in front. When the sensor system detects a rollover is imminent, activates the airbag, and in just 8 hundredths of a second, the panoramic roof is covered, from the behind to the front, this bag lifesaver.

Thanks to this, occupants can protect their heads more effectively and at the same time, avoids passengers to leave dismissed by the hollow that has left the panoramic roof at the moment of impact.

Who knows if in the future we will see this type of airbags are deployed also in vehicles that do not have a roof of this style, and that will serve “only” for protect the heads of passengers with rollover.

despite the fact that we still do not know when you will implement Hyundai this system in one of their models, it is a great news that the brands continue to develop new systems to save and protect the lives of the occupants of their vehicles.

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