The ultimate smoke machine: BMW 5 Series E34 with 1,378 hp turbo V12

We have seen all kinds of cars lately motor. A Volkswagen Golf Mk2 1,233 hp Bugatti Veyron a BMW M5 E34 is picnicked with turbo truck and more than 1,000 hp Veyron is another picnicked and a Volkswagen Golf Mk1 of 1,033 CV, real terror the Autobahn. Today we bring you another car that will not leave you indifferent. It is a BMW 5 Series E34 to a crazy Norwegian has installed the 5.0 V12 a Series 7 late 80. Turbocharged and reinforced up to 1,378 CV … .

has a power and torque higher than a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. Impressive.

In Norway there are few daylight hours and working hours are short. Therefore they can afford to spend years building machines scandal. It took six years to build a Norwegian This “BMW 550i” based on a 5 Series E34 . The engines of the 7 Series E12 fit perfectly in the E34 , so he decided to emphasize the more powerful Series 7 by 5.0 V12 whose basic architecture was evolved for the McLaren F1 . A motor power which coupled to one of the largest commercially available turbochargers.

motor-v12-turbo A Garrett worthy of a truck, which together with coils MSD high voltage – to ensure a very powerful spark – and a completely handmade admission, take the power of V12 until the 1,378 hp with a maximum torque of 1,566 Nm, blowing pressure 1.7 bar . Obviously there are many more modifications do not know, but it’s a really impressive drive. Never seen clouds as white and intense smoke in a show of burnouts in Norway. In the engine devours their rear tires in just a couple of minutes. Do not you believe me?

An escape from mechanical craftsmanship and unrivaled power.

In motor:

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This E34 BMW M5 has a turbocharged truck, more than 1,000 hp and the Bugatti Veyron snack

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