The unexpected and discreet premiere of the Citroen C3 WRC


Citroën Racing has focused all its efforts on its
renewed program in the WRC
. With a long-term planning, the firm
French mortgaged his presence as a team official during the season 2016
for have the freedom to test when developing your Citroen C3 WRC,
couple who put a successful finishing touch to your program in the WTCC. A condition that united
the abrupt departure of Volkswagen Motorsport caused many specialists
put Citroën as the rival to beat
, despite having a alignment
of pilots formed by Kris Meeke and two pilots with limited experience as
are Stéphane Lefebvre and Craig Breen.

The extensive experience of Citroën at the time of design and
develop a new World Rally Car, a priori, put in advantage to the house
French, opted for a conservative strategy when designing the
Citroen C3 WRC
. The final goal of its design was to make a car in neutral, where
primase the balance and where the absence of some element aerodynamic not
impacting too much on the performance end of the car, since you lose certain
pieces will be usual in every rally. In other words, Citroën opted for a C3
WRC with an aerodynamic less aggressive
that of the World Rally Car of
Hyundai, M-Sport or Toyota.

Well it is true that the rallies of Monte carlo and Sweden are not very representative when evaluating the performance of the
different World Rally Cars, and maybe the requirement of natural other tests to finish
giving the reason to Citroën Racing in his proposal, but by the time M-Sport and
Toyota have cornered the six podium positions
of the first two appointments of the
The WRC and the Hyundai would have been able to win both rallies were it not for the errors
Thierry Neuville. All in all, the three cars with aerodynamics more polished
have been much faster than the Citroen C3 WRC in pure pace


To this we must add the problems and errors that has
had the own Citroën
. Stéphane Lefebvre burned the clutch C3 WRC after
your output track in the Monte carlo Rally, and Kris Meeke has spent more time off the track that checking competitive times. In fact, the northern irish
has had two mishaps during the test, and many others in competition, being
especially troubling, the track output it suffered in the stage of Saturday
the Rally of Sweden. Although the accident in itself was not serious, yes it was
symptomatic of the problems of the Citroen C3 WRC

In this aspect, both Kris Meeke as Craig Breen match
in its diagnosis
, and both in some way pointed out that the problems of the
Citroen C3 WRC depart your behind, the entire time that the rear is a much
unpredictable and causes a noticeable lack of confidence
in the three pilots of the
team. In Sweden in addition to of the own out of track Meeke, both had several near misses of the similar characteristics. A very uncomfortable situation
at the time of riding and that he is quite disappointed to Kris Meeke, as
slipped in various statements throughout the only appointment in winter of the

even Though the speech could well be that Monte carlo and Sweden are not representative test, and the scale of real-world performance between the World Rally Car is set, in Citroën Racing are aware that much work remains to be done and that the Fiesta RS, i20 and Yaris are a step ahead. While the Ford Fiesta seems to be the vehicle of reference in terms of engine and the i20 at the chassis level, the Toyota Yaris has already added their first victory thanks to its remarkable balance. A reality that can change during the course of 2017, but that not the most daring dared to imagine.