The united states complaint to Volkswagen for misleading advertising of its Clean Diesel

Gama TDI Clean Diesel de Volkswagen en Estados Unidos Dieselgate continues to generate problems for Volkswagen, especially in the united States. The company now has a new problem, as the Federal Trade Commission (Federal Trade Commission, or FTC) in the u.s. has reported to Volkswagen for misleading advertising. The case is entirely related to the scandal Dieselgate, as to the petition for having announced thousands cars Clean Diesel and respectful with the environment after their emissions were to be very superior to what has been declared.

The Federal Trade Commission is a government agency of the united States which pursues the business practices fraudulent and deceptive. Among its objectives is to get a court sentences Volkswagen compensating all customers who bought a car TDI affected by the scandal of the emissions and issued an injunction to prevent similar conduct on the part of Volkswagen in the future.

Volkswagen TDITo pursue their goals, the FTC alleges that Volkswagen sold the cars promising vehicles low-emission, environmentally friendly, law-abiding of the nomativas of emissions and with a higher resale value. The respect of these accusations by the FTC, Volkswagen has been limited to say that will cooperate with all the agencies americans to seek a solution to the scandal Dieselgate.

right Now in the united States Volkswagen has term until the 21st of April to submit to the environmental protection agency EPA to the solution of the TDI engines souped-up. The margin of the solution provided, it is possible that Volkswagen have to rebuy some of the cars and fraudulent, to indemnify customers and to allocate money to environmental funds for the excess emissions.

Source – Automotive News