The united states prefers the Formula E to F1


Compare the Formula E and Formula 1 is an error. The
approach to each category is very different and not only because of the type of
propulsion they use their cars. The category electric just has a
year of life and the F1 more than 65 seasons to their backs. However, the
birth of the category managed by Alejandro Agag invites us to do certain
parallels, especially in some aspects away from the paths. And for the first
instead, the Formula And paste a bladder campion of Formula 1 in the united States
. At least,
in which television audiences are concerned.

Just a year after his birth, the Formula And sum
his first hit tv show in the united States
. According to data collected by the
company audience analysis Nielsen, the last ePrix in Putrajaya had a
1.2% share
through issuance by the channel FOX. That small fee
screen however is a very important data, since the ePrix of Putrajaya
he had more audience than the Monaco GP F1
, the proof view of the current
season of the World. 60,000 spectators witnessed the victory of
Luca di Grassi in Malaysia.

One of the factors to keep in mind is the broadcasting time of each test. The ePrix of Putrajaya is
issued at 1 in the morning on the East Coast of the united States, while
the Monaco Grand Prix took place more into the night. In any
case, 1.1% of the share garnered by the F1 in this test, and 1.2% of share
they recorded the Formula And only leave evidence that the category queen in
The united states is the NASCAR
. Will Haas F1 audiences in the United
United states?