The united states will fine Volkswagen for the scandal Dieselgate

Volkswagen TDIWhen it was uncovered in the month of September, the scandal Dieselgate, we knew that was going to have some serious consequences for Volkswagen, both at the level of consumer confidence as economic level. The brand does not only have to deal with the repair of the vehicles, the demands of individuals or groups and to compensation. It is already known that Volkswagen must pay an important penalty for violations of environmental laws in the united States. The exact value will not be known until a judge has delivered judgment, but to speak up to 44.000 million euros. The announcement has caused a 6% fall in the value of shares of Volkswagen on the Frankfurt stock exchange.

The amount of the penalty demanded by the EPA (environmental protection agency), most likely, will be reduced after the judgment. Volkswagen is accused of violate of four ways the clean air act of the united States, one of them by tricking the emission control system and another for not reporting those facts. The prior admission of the crimes on the part of the company will make it harder for the defense and easier for the EPA to achieve a major penalty.

Gama TDI Clean Diesel de Volkswagen en Estados UnidosAccording to Reuters, Volkswagen could be sanctioned at the rate of 37.500 dollars per car in each of the two violations of the clean air act already cited, in addition to 3.750 dollars for each additional defeat device installed and other 37.500 dollars for each day in which the company has violated the law. 600,000 vehicles affected in the united States by the scandal Dieselgate, so the numbers quickly reach figures stratospheric. However, there will be to wait for the civil lawsuit against Volkswagen comes to an end to learn about the penalties, because there are many rumors about it.

Source – Reuters