The united states will invest 4,000 million dollars for driving autonomous


it has Not been surprising this news is coming from the other side of the pond because if a few weeks ago California approved of his law for autonomous cars to support the manufacturers in their tests and is expected to soon similar laws, for the states of Nevada and Minnesota is now the whole country which wants to drive to autonomous cars.

From the Department of Transportation of the united States announced a new the national plan to drive the development of the autonomous car and support the manufacturers. The plan goes into effect this summer and will be invested 4,000 million dollars of the federal budget in 2017.

The investment will be aimed at the development of autonomous cars, adapt infrastructures adding sensors to the streets and roads, care for the safety of the vehicles and do not skimp on testing.


a Large part of the investment will go to the smart roads

This also implies that the government will work closely with the companies settled in the country and be granted permissions to perform the tests relevant in any point of the country whenever necessary.

Thanks to this plan, united States becomes the first power in support oficialmentand the production of autonomous vehicles.

More information on the official website of the Department of Transportation.