The unpublished McLaren 570S Hall debut in New York


The product that McLaren plans to reach more public debut on April 1 under the Motor Show in New York . This is the 570s and will be a rival to the Porsche 911 engine will have 570 horsepower .


McLaren 570S Teaser M CLAREN will new entry model although of course this does not mean that it is a low cost product. But it is the way that the brand has chosen to try to reach a mass audience more , in an attempt to steal a slice at Porsche 911.

This is the McLaren 570S, a product that will have its world debut under the Motor Show in New York will take place from next week in the United States. Under the hood the 570s hides a V8 block engine with a 3.8-liter twin-turbo, which develops an output of 570 horsepower .

This new sports car will use a monocoque known for brand formula, as it will be built on an developed carbon fiber , besides the aforementioned thruster 8 cylinders in V already present in other models of the brand, but with different power ratings and in the case of P1 has a performance that reaches 1000 cv , in hybrid mode.

In addition, the McLaren 570S give rise to other products in the family Sport Series because although the first to have its international debut will be the model hardtop, will at a later stage one Spider , and even a variation of long tail , in line with the 675LT. It is further believed that there could be a variant GT3 just for use in circuits although this latter has not yet been confirmed officially.

For more details we have to wait for the McLaren 570S having its official debut at the Hall of New York next week and by the time we must confirm with small fragment image the brand has spread so early.





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