The upcoming BMW i8 could reach up to 750 horsepower

BMW i8 Celebration Editionit Seems that a new BMW i8 is among the future plans of the bavarian manufacturer. The next generation of the hybrid sports could be very different to the one we know today. It might even change your concept. While the current i8 is a hybrid that combines an electric motor with one of gasoline of 1.5 liters, the next generation might happen to be purely electric, irrespective of the gasoline.

The next BMW i8 could be fed by three electric motors, and its power would be much higher than the 362 HP delivered by the current. There is talk that they could jointly develop more than 750 HP, that is, more than double that of its predecessor. Also speaking of which, thanks to its battery pack would have a autonomy of about 482 kilometers (300 miles). In addition it would have a focus much more sporty.

BMW i8 Celebration EditionYour behavior would be more dynamic thanks to a system that would make its four-wheel directional. In addition to the spin-independent, each wheel would also a different quantity of torque in each situation. Another of the new systems would be a active suspension able to adapt to every terrain. It would be similar to the one that incorporates the current BMW 7 Series that uses cameras to detect the damage of the firm.

The next BMW i8 all-electric will not come until 2022 or 2023. This sport it seems that it will not come alone and that the family i will continue to renew. The new generation of the BMW i3 could be set to make his debut in 2022. Will be much lighter the actual, using extensively the carbon fiber or even using an all-aluminium body. Meanwhile it is expected that the BMW i8 Roadster see the light in 2018.

Source – Automobile Magazine

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