The upcoming Mercedes A45 AMG could exceed 400 HP

Ensure that your next generation of the Mercedes A45 AMG is likely to exceed the barrier of 400 horses, which are drawn to its turbo engine of 2.0 liters.

CLA-45-AMG-02Lwill sport compact have already managed to achieve figures of power comparable to the supercars of the 1980’s and a full test of this is the current Mercedes A45 AMG, one of the most powerful of today. Launched on the market three years ago, the A45 AMG came to break all the molds with their excellent ratio HP/liter, a mark that could be overcome in the near future, when you arrive your generational.

Initially with 360 HP, successive evolutions boosted their power to achieve the 381 HP, extracted to its turbo charged engine of 2.0 liter displacement. However, since the publication Coach claim that in their next generated, the compact sports car German could exceed the mark of 400 horses.

Would keep the same impeller, but the increased power would come thanks to the help of a new turbocharger and injectors. At the same time, it is possible that the automatic change of seven marches to be replaced by a new transmission nine-speed, a set that could allow an acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour, below four seconds.

This evolution will allow the product of Mercedes remain at the forefront of their direct competitors for German, Audi RS3 and BMW M2, taking into account that the Volkswagen Golf R400 finally you will not see the light as a series-production model.