The upcoming Opel Astra Sedan, anticipated by Holden

When all the attention is placed on the Detroit motor show, Holden introduced the new Astra Sedan for the australian market, which anticipates the format of the upcoming Opel Astra Sedan in europe.

from the next month of may, australians will be able to acquire the new Holden Astra Sedan, a model that will replace the Cruze in this market. Based on the architecture D2, outwardly, the new Astra Sedan has many elements in common with the current generation Cruze, the model of which it derives.

however the new Astra sedan has been slightly redesigned to take on a new personality, with a front that opens a grid of different format, while both bumpers also feature a specific design. The rest remains practically unchanged, and even the alloy wheels are the same as in the Cruze.

If we look at the cabin, we noticed that the differences between both models are also minimal, beyond certain materials and molding different. Both use the same steering wheel and dashboard, although in the case of the australian model the design of the central console is slightly different.

The new Astra Sedan has been developed in Germany and designed in the united States and in the case of the Holden for the australian market, will be produced in South Korea.

Its design matches the photos spy new Opel Astra Sedan that has been hunted on several occasions while shooting camouflaged by european roads, even though still there is no precise date for its arrival in the old continent.