The upcoming Porsche Macan will be an all-electric

Volkswagen Group what is clear, and goes for it. The electrification of the models that have the different brands of the German consortium is just starting up. The first that will undertake this way is the own Volkswagen, but the rest of signatures are already on the tables of their respective directors the steps they have to follow. Audi, Seat, and the own Skoda already have one or more models that will come onto the market driven by batteries. However, this electrification will also come to the most exclusive brands in the group and therefore Porsche it will not be left out.

does Not need to be an industry expert to know that Porsche has risen in the market thanks to the launch of the Cayenne and then the Macan. Both models are the most sold of the range of the manufacturer, and are therefore the first that are intended to make the leap to the offensive power. This news has already been confirmed by the Oliver Blume, Porsche CEO, because, according to his words the next Mission And and the Macan electrical have to represent 50 percent of sales of models of brand for the year 2023.

These statements are very enlightening, as it not only has stayed there. Blume has also confirmed that Porsche is fully prepared to make the leap to electric vehicles at any time. This gives to understand that the manufacturer has it all “almost” ready for that factory and leaving 50 percent of their models driven by batteries, as they themselves have recognized, in the year 2023 all are completely electrical.

If we take into account the business cycle in which it is located the Porsche Macan, you must not be very smart to know that, in a couple of years this model fully electric could reach the market. This, together with the Mission to E (which itself is confirmed to the year 2019), would allow the German house have a range with which to be able to fight you against the american Tesla Motors.

The accounts has been done by Porsche for the manufacture and sale of the Porsche Macan and the Mission And are of a 150 thousand units per year. To achieve this figure, the mark is revealed as the signature premium that the highest number of vehicles fully electric manufactures and sells. But surely Tesla and Mercedes-Benz not will be easy.

Source – Porsche

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