The update v8.0 of the “Autopilot” Tesla will give much that to speak

Tesla Model S 2017The recent fatal accident of a driver at the wheel of his Tesla Model S while driving with the system “Autopilot” on, gave a lot to talk about during the past weeks. It seems to be that the system has not detected a truck approaching to the vehicle at a crossing, straining finally against him and producing the death of his driver.

This made many think that the system safety and comfort of the company Elon Musk was not as reliable as it seemed to be. However, every driver should know that the responsible of your vehicle is he and that the Autopilot is not a robot that indicated our destination, and already will he take us up there while we take a nap or read the newspaper, but, for the moment, it is only a help system. The Autopilot seems to a driving system of autonomous, but does not rise to that level.

current system settings warning the driver, if it detects that it is not paying attention to traffic, you put your hands on the wheel if you want the Autopilot to continue working. If after 15 seconds the driver continues to ignore the suggestions, will start a second phase which will reduce the speed of the vehicle as well as turn off the radio while still alerting the driver that put the hands on the steering wheel. not react, the guidance system of the steering (Autosteer) will be disabled.

Piloto automático Tesla Model SAs it seems, the new update, which already is under way, and that is referred to as v8.0 will include new alerts toward the driver when the conditions described above. But, in addition, with the aim of drivers to perform properly its task (be aware at all times of the circulation), in the case of a take in responding to the orders of the system the Autopilot is turned off, not being able to re-connect the Autosteer to park the vehicle correctly.

the intention of the company with this update is to correct the attitude of some drivers with the Autopilot, “castigándoles” when you don’t do well on their work. It is assumed that, in order to continue enjoying the driving system of semi-autonomous, drivers will pay more attention and respond more quickly to the orders of the car, should improve (even more) the safety in these vehicles.

In any case, it seems to be that the death of the driver, to which we referred at the beginning of this article was not to pay attention to the road. The systems of driving assistance are very good and improve a lot our security, but they are not driving systems and autonomous there is no more responsible for what happens with your car that the driver himself.

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