The updated Citroën DS3 R5 is the new Citroën C3 WRC


Citroën Racing has closed a new stage. Despite his absence as an official team in the WRC in 2016 and the parallel program with PH Sport and the team Abu Dhabi Total WRT, you can say that you are not missing work in the general headquarters of the team at Versailles. Proof of this is the launch of the kit of the evolution of the Citroën DS3 R5, which may be purchased by customers from next April 18. With this update, the French firm expected to improve the reliability of the R5 and put it to the height of the cocks of the category WRC2.

Under the name DSR5-EVO-OPT-01, Citroën Racing has announced the first kit upgrade for the Citroën DS3 R5, after two years of life. This car is dedicated essentially to the model of ‘race-client’ has not been a great success, overshadowed to some extent by R5 from M-Sport in the first term and Skoda subsequently. The firm seeks as well with this update not only to improve the reliability of certain elements of the DS3 R5, but improve their performance to reach the level of the Fiesta R5 Plus and the Skoda Fabia R5, vehicles that are without a doubt the benchmark in the category.

As explained by Citroën Racing through a press release, the Citroën DS3 R5 incorporates a number of improvements. In the front you have installed a new radiator, intercooler, new air filter and protections for the covers crankcase. It has also improved the electro-pump and the hydraulic system of direction, which has allowed to simplify the system of the transmission belt. Also credits new alternator and ignition control, in addition of two new configurations of the rear differential. Without performance data published, the price of the entire kit for the Citroën DS3 R5 is 20.400 euros.


once the chapter of the Citroën DS3 R5, it is time to look to 2017, the year in which the brand will return to the WRC with an official team and a new World Rally Car. However, the first phase of the development of the Citroën C3 WRC is being carried out in a macabre game of all or nothing. Although the signature gala will debut the new car in the next week, what is certain is that the margin of error is minimal. The own Yves Matton has been recognized that if the vehicle does not work as expected, some pieces could take up to six months in redesigned. A time limit impractical.

Although Citroën Racing has the advantage of have numerous data collected from the engine 1.6 Turbo with flange of 36 mm thanks to its programme in the WTCC with the Citroen C-Elysee and you have tested a good number of pieces on the current DS3 WRC, what is certain is that it will be the first time that all components of the Citroën C3 WRC are tested together in a vehicle that has been designed virtually from scratch. If something does not work, it is likely that Citroën Racing will see in the obligation to develop the C3 WRC for 2017, beyond the date of approval.

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