The updated Tesla Roadster battery arrive in August

tesla roadster bateria 1 e1430223625446 La batería actualizada del Tesla Roadster llegará en agosto Until recently buy a car and to update it over time it seemed like science fiction. But Tesla is making it possible. Elon Musk has confirmed on Twitter that the update for the Tesla Roadster soon be available as an improvement that will feature a new higher-capacity battery.

is not the first time that Musk announced the status of your updates through social networks, and this time has confirmed that from August would be available the new package improvement sports brand. At first, when he announced a series of updates, is estimated to arrive for sale in spring.

tesla roadster bateria 2 e1430223703559 La batería actualizada del Tesla Roadster llegará en agosto But by the end of July has the new battery end spending all checkpoints , so the following month and be available for customers to upgrade their car. In fact this is why an update, it does not seem that the American company is going to sell the car again.

Improvements to the Tesla Roadster is based on a new battery of 70 kWh capacity that will give an extended range to 640 kilometers . To achieve this it has also been provided with new low-resistance tires and includes a new aerodynamic kit improves the drag coefficient.

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