The upgrade of the Skoda Fabia leans out with this teaser image

Although the year 2018 just to boot, and the Detroit motor show has opened its doors this week, the big event of the year par excellence for the developments in the sector of the car is the Geneva. The vast majority of european manufacturers take advantage of this event, which is held every year in the month of march, to present its new face to the second part of the year. And one of the news that there will be disclosed is the restyling of the Skoda Fabia.

Maybe talk about a “new” model is to exaggerate, because as you can see in the teaser image, the changes aesthetic will not be very large, although notable. The truth is that there is a new generation, but a restyling that comes in the middle of its life cycle to try to keep it fresh for a few more years. The update of this third generation will bring a look more dynamic, new highlights and will add more solutions “simply clever”.

As we see in the teaser image provided by the firm Czech, the front of the Skoda Fabia will now be more aggressive, marking more the strokes and lines of tension in your hood, bumpers and fins. The headlights have also been revised, offering a design more “angry” that provides a more aesthetically sporty. In addition, for the first time, the Skoda Fabia will be able to enjoy LED lighting, both for the headlights as for the drivers rear.

The brand belonging to the Volkswagen Group does not want to reveal a lot more information for the moment, although it reminds us of the great importance of this model in their sales numbers. For us to make an idea, from which came the first generation to the market, back in the year 1999, have been commercialized more than four million units worldwide, belonging to about 500,000 units to this third and current generation. During the past 2017 have enrolled more than 9,000 Skoda Fabia in our country.

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