The US EPA accuses Volkswagen of anti-pollution falsify the test half a million cars

Until Euro6 current regulations came into force, the EPA – agency environmental protection – US possessed emission limits more stringent than the Europeans in terms of emission particulate matter and nitrogen oxides. This significant barrier to entry for diesel Volkswagen cars did not stop to offer vehicles with engines 2.0 TDI antipollution meeting these precepts. The EPA Volkswagen has ruled that such falsified test. This potentially affects nearly 500,000 cars.

Independent researchers from the West Virgnia University found that these VW emit more pollution than desired.

What happens is that EPA found that 482,000 vehicles equipped with Clean Diesel engine 2.0 TDI 140 CV – especially Golf and Jetta sold between 2009 and 2015 – leading installed software in the exchange that detects when the car was being subjected to a test cycle of EPA . This device – called “defeat device” – modifies the combustion parameters if it detects that it is being tested (the details are not known), bringing their emissions of harmful particles and gases to the desired level

jetta-motor-tdi-usa In road driving, it was found that its nitrogen oxide emissions are 40 times higher than those allowed in the test cycle . The use of combustion devices vary by software illegal , and all cars sold in the US under the Clean Air Act they should have a certificate that the absence of such certificates is expressed. Knowing this, Volkswagen also have this software installed in their cars. What will happen now? Fines or calls to review. Or both.

millions and / or fines are calls to review the possible consequences of this illegal act.

The fine per car sold by each of these violations is nothing less than 35,500 dollars. At 482,000 cars, the total amounts to tens of billions of dollars. It is clearly going to happen next. Possibly revision should call these cars and install additional anti-pollution systems, or your software may need to be modified. The price of the fine is so high that I doubt even as multinational Volkswagen could afford it.

volkswagen-golf-variant-gtd-alltrack-280415-001 Interestingly, what is less known is that own EPA US is against modifying the software electronically manage cars by third parties . And independent researchers have been performing reverse engineering which have discovered the algorithm causing these high nitrogen oxide emissions. The argument of EPA is that third parties may modify the software to alter performance and emissions from cars, reversing the gains made by the anti-pollution regulations.

US copyright agency has proposed severe measures than blindarĂ­an the ECU cars to modification by users or third parties – such as coaches – under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) . Measures with which EPA agrees. Under the DMCA even have been possible to discover this problem . Sometimes it does not legislate considering all existing implications. We’ll see how this event continues to develop …

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Source: Motor Trend
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