The us EPA wants to leave the regulation of gases such as


about three weeks Ago I told you how the brands of cars american had sent a letter to president-elect Donald Trump. In this letter asked the future president of the united States rebajara the requirements in terms of emissions of gases that had been collected in the new norms of gases proposed by the outgoing president Barack Obama.

Donald Trump is not a person who believes in climate change or, at least, is the idea that gives us if we listen to some of his statements. Therefore the trademarks had thought that would be inclined to repeal this law proposal by the previous executive. In addition, they came from luxury as might postpone for several years the necessary investment to adapt their engines to the requirements of this new normal.


however the brands have found a new enemy in the way. The US Environmental Protection Agency or better known here as the EPA has said the regulations approved by the previous executive is more than well and that will not move a finger to modify. In a press release, the EPA proposed to leave as is the regulation of emissions of greenhouse gases for light-duty vehicles up to model year 2025.

The EPA has submitted this statement marks car have complained, alleging that is not taking into account the data that they are putting on the table. These data refer to the huge investments that would be required to make the brands to bring these engines and that would be to the detriment of their profitability and ability to redirect them towards other tasks.

With this does not mean that the EPA will be forced to modify it. We must remember that this agency is protective of the environment directly depends on the government of the united States and that the president has the power to direct a change. However, the power of the media that keeps the EPA is considerable and we do not believe that Trump will want to go over to thousands of consumers and activists in the united States.

What will happen only what we know when Donald Trump to speak or to take possession of his charge in January of next year.

Source – US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)