The US Government is studying amending the legislation on autonomous cars


driving autonomous region has become a business for the united States. To be the first country in the world to open to all brands has yielded them money in the form of licenses and advertising technology. However with the arrival of Donald Trump to the chair of the oval office, things in the country of Uncle Sam are going to change a lot more than we could have imagined.

As stated, Elaine Chao, the Secretary of Transportation of the united States, their team is reviewing meticulously the legislation regarding autonomous vehicles. As we know, this law came when Barack Obama was in power, and as you are doing with his legacy, the will check to verify if it is correct or not.

Currently, this legislation works in the following way. The brands of cars send the details the functioning of its autonomous cars to a security evaluation. This is carried out by the persons designated by each state and must include 15 points that describe the operation of each part of the system.

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on the part of the manufacturers there have been complaints in terms of the possibility that technological developments may be to the public light. The reason is that must submit actual data of the operation of their cars, and as is logical, must be explained on the basis of data of nature secret. These complaints seem to have reached the ears of the new president and as friend-of-favor companies would be willing to listen to them to modify them.

According to Chao, “management is currently evaluating this guidance and will consult with you and other interested parties as we update and amend it to ensure that it strikes the right balance”. However, this could be two situations. The first the government to be firm with the companies and are not allowed to include technology embryo in the vehicles. The second would be more serious and would have to do with the fact that the government allowed the brand to launch their autonomous cars with a level of technology is still immature.

After this controversy the spokesman of the government team of Donald Trump declared that the new rules would be “a catalyst for technologies for safe and efficient, not an impediment, in particular, to Silicon Valley, Detroit and all the other centres of the automotive industry to come and help to educate a skeptical public on the benefits of the automated technology”.

Will have to see how it is drafted, the new regulation and who will benefit most.

Source – The New York Times