The V12 Mercedes is a success: its production will be expanded in 2016


The V12 engines from Mercedes suffer a demand spectacular

¬°engines, twelve cylinders are not dead! Before the overwhelming demand of their blocks V12, Mercedes has been forced to increase the production of the monstrous propeller with a new assembly line in the factory of Daimler in Manheim. The process will begin in February 2016 since you should still be prepared for the twelve-cylinder and it will be a line that works in parallel to the Affalterbach.

“One man, one engine”

currently, these engines are equipped in the Mercedes that carried a 65 in its name: Mercedes-AMG S 65 L, S 65 Coupe, SL 65 and G 65, all of them of 630 HP and 1,000 Nm of maximum torque. Of time maintaining the configuration of twelve-cylinder V-biturbo 6.0-liter, although it has already been announced that later receive any type of electrification to be able to meet the standards of anti-pollution and make them more powerful still.


Mercedes will not change his philosophy of “one man, one engine” in your V12

What will not change is the style of “one man, one engine”, in which a single specialist engineer is personally responsible for that the assembly process is the perfection in every V12, from the very first pieces up to his departure from the assembly line. In fact each engine bears the signature of the engineer who gave him life.

We are glad to know that the engines twelve-cylinder is still possess a great demand from customers. The V12 Mercedes is possibly the last of his race with the unstoppable advance of the downsizing. On the other hand, the VAG Group still bet on the other dodecacilíndrico, although with a configuration W12 that continue to exist in Audi, VW, Porsche and Bentley.