The V6 EcoBoost in the Ford GT 2017 will consume more than the V8 of its predecessor 2005


The Ford GT 2017 is already in production.

On rare occasions speaks of consumption in the special segment of the supercars. In the first place because you do not tend to be designed to economize on fuel, but on the contrary, to squeeze the greatest performance out of the mechanics, and because they are vehicles, generally aimed at an audience with a high purchasing power. However, the publication of the figures of consumption of the Ford GT 2017 approved by the EPA are sufficiently curious as to have become news.

Are few in the media who have not already spoken to the consumption of the new sporty Ford, which has a engine V6 3.5-liter supercharged that looks proud the surname EcoBoost, the latest generation of more efficient engines from Ford. Coupled with its lightweight construction on a chassis carbon-fibre monocoque.

however, the new model has produced worse figures than the V8 of 5.4 litres that rode its predecessor, the Ford GT of 2005, a model developed more than 15 years ago.


Manufactured in carbon fibre and assembled in Canada.

As you can see in the table, the current Ford GT approvals according to the EPA an average consumption of 16.80 litres/100 kms, the same number that homologaba the GT 2005 in the last decade, however, consumption in city and highway model 2017 is higher in both cases. A model such as the Ferrari 488 GTB approvals of media 13.07 liters per 100 kms. While the new Ford GT will represent more than 600 BHP – its final specifications have not been revealed – GT 2005 it had 550 horsepower, while the V8 3.9 liter supercharged Italian has 670 horses.

Consumption cycle EPA Ciudad Autopista Combinado
Ford GT 2017 21.38 l/100 km 13.07 l/100 km 16.80 l/100 km
Ford GT 2005 19.60 l/100 km 12.38 l/100 km 16.80 l/100 km
Ferrari 488 GTB 15.68 l/100 km 10.69 l/100 km 13.07 l/100 km

For the moment, these figures are only anecdotal. As that really we do not know what I wanted to say Ford when they pointed out that the Ford GT 2017 had “more than 600 horses”. That, for practical purposes, can mean both 610 as 750 horses.


The first units are already arriving to the customers.

Recently the brand revealed that the production of the GT 2017 had already been initiated, in a canadian plant of the supplier Multimatic, and the first units went out on their way to new owners. The first two units are for the heads of the brand.

we Hope that at the Detroit motor show, which begins at the immediate effects, the brand disclose all the specifications and data model, that is not even really know his price yet.