The value of the Land Rover Defender goes up and thefts are increased a 69%

Land Rover Defender 2 millones Land Rover Defender ceased production in late January after 68 years on the assembly lines. The fact that the Land Rover Defender is no longer available at dealers, to be a model of success and very much appreciated, has made that the units of second-hand market are revalued. This is one of the reasons that the authorities believe that they are encouraging a wave of thefts of Land Rover Defender in United kingdom.

complaints for burglary in North Yorkshire have increased in no less than 69% and the insurer NFU Mutual has published a study that shows that this trend already registered in 2015, when the theft of Land Rover Defender were 8% higher than 2014 in the Uk. Now that the car is not manufactured and its value is higher in the second-hand market, it is expected that this trend in the numbers of burglaries continue to grow. The value of the pieces has also grown in the market, second-hand, and many Defend stolen could be scrapped to be sold for parts.

Subasta último Land Rover Defender

The last Land Rover Defender will be sold for 549.000 €

The police believe that the drives of the Land Rover Defender that are being stolen are mostly aimed at the export and advised to the owners to improve the security measures on their cars to prevent theft. Among the recommendations is to record the frame number on the glass or install a GPS locator to be able to follow the track of the vehicle in case of being stolen. The police believe that the robberies are being carried out by organized groups that are very specialized in the theft of these suvs.

The insurer NFU Mutual figure in 2.259.000 euros the value of the Land Rover Defender stolen in the United Kingdom during the past 12 months.

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