The van of Volkswagen will return: The ID Buzz will go to production

The classic van from Volkswagen is finally back, as the German firm to take production to the prototype ID Buzz Concept. It will be a model 100% electric.

LGerman firm prepares a series of electric models, which in some ways will to try and remedy the scandal by the polluting emissions of its TDI engines. This new family of models will include the recreation of one of more models of classic Volkswagen: the van T1.

In fact Volkswagen has been presenting prototypes of a new van for the last 16 years, but these conceptual works up to now never came to fruition as a production model. But it seems that on this occasion the luck has changed, because Volkswagen has taken the decision to lead to the production of a van that will pay tribute to the iconic T1 and T2.

according to the first information expressed by the president of Volkswagen’s Herbert Diess to the british publication Auto Express, your base will be the prototype ID Buzz, a conceptual work that inherits the trait most characteristic of the classic van, with an orientation more aspirational than your current range of commercial.

it Is for this reason that Volkswagen will focus on an approach more familiar, with a design of inspiration retro that will use a powertrain is 100% electric as the only option. The German firm has developed a new modular platform that will be used only to give life to this new generation of electric vehicles, which will maximize the space inside to install the batteries in its base and the electric motors on the axles.

according to the chief designer of the brand Oliver Stefani, the use of the platform MEB not only enable you to make better use of the space, but in the case of the van will also manage to recover their classical proportions, since without the need of installing an internal combustion engine, its front may be short as the van’s classic.