The various battles of the ACO and the FIA around the LMP1


The World Endurance (WEC) live years of growing interest and a lot of the blame resides in the technical regulations of the LMP1. One of the great successes of the ACO and the FIA over the last five years has been to open the hand in relation to the engines, but always with the hybrid technology as the protagonist. In 2016, the Audi R18 e-tron quattro features a V6 engine of 4.0 liters, being classified in the hybrid category of 6 MJ. Porsche bet by a 4-cylinder engine and 2.0 liters, while Toyota has equipped a V6 2.4-liter biturbo. Both are in the category of 8 MJ.

it Is quite significant that Audi, Porsche and Toyota are committed to combustion engines radically different for their LMP1 and even equip energy recovery systems different. However, the performance on the track is even. An almost perfect balance that, however, begins to limp by one of the ends as one of the measures taken by the ACO and FIA is to reduce the flow of fuel by 2016, in about 7.5%. As it is logical, less fuel, less power, despite the progress in terms and efficiency of combustion engines.

to compensate For this fact already working on a new rules of face-to-2018. ACO and FIA plan to introduce a hybrid category of 10 MJ, with the understanding that this must be the way to go for manufacturers. It will reduce the flow of fuel, but in return they will allow the recovery of 2 megajoules of extra energy, giving greater importance if it fits to the hybrid system. This measure shall be accompanied by the development of a new monohull and although it sounds contradictory, the reduction of costs in test, wind tunnel and on the development of bodies.


The perfect balance and development of this new technical regulation
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On the table there is the interest of a brand to develop its own
LMP1 of face-to-2018
, although to do this he has to find a series of
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on the other side of this particular rope, the FIA and the ACO
working for LMP1 private to have a better performance
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hybrid technology ByKolles and Rebellion Racing becomes insufficient and
the WEC wants to exert an effect claim on other equipment
dare to put on the track different LMP1 private. To do this you could
opt out of the use of the DRS, not to restrict the flow of fuel to
reach at least 800 HP, or use power units arising
of manufacturers. Again, the balance is thin and manufacturers
they want to maintain their supremacy