The victory of Hamilton in Monaco, “a big relief”, says Mercedes


Lewis Hamilton on the podium of Monaco: Photo: Daimler Media

Eight races without a win to accumulate Lewis Lewis Hamilton before the Grand Prix of Monaco. Something that has not happened since the end of 2013. A streak that came to an end in the Principality, where the british scored their second victory, the 44th of his career. Given that Nico Rosberg was only able to conclude in seventh position, Hamilton has been reduced to 24 points in the disadvantage with your partner in the classification of the World.

The head of a sports Mercedes, Toto Wolff, has celebrated the success of the current champion and has ensured that it has removed a great weight from above.

Although Nico didn’t do well, has been a great relief to get this win with Lewis after a run of terrible bad luck. These past two weeks have strengthened both to him and to our relationship, because moving together through difficult times you reinforce. We have had discussions and episodes complicated, but in the end this has been as a doctor’s prescription, a victory that we needed.

The success of Hamilton was favored by an error in the strategy of Red Bull with Daniel Ricciardo. Interestingly, a year ago, it was a similar failure of Mercedes the one that hurt Hamilton. But the three-time do not want to think that the destination has returned what they stole previously.

I Came in thinking that I just had to go out there and do it. To me nobody is going to give away, it’s not going to appear out of nowhere, I have to earn it. I didn’t know if I would be able to win, but the rain, clearly, we opened the door; if the track had been dry, probably there would have been no possibility. As it rained, as it had experienced in 2008, I knew that anything could happen and I was totally sure that I would have options.