The video game F1 2016 is being developed

F1 2015 videojuego AlonsoCodemasters, the company responsible for developing the official titles of video games over F1, has confirmed that the team of developers of the video game F1 2015 already working on the title next year, the F1 2016. The new release will bring improvements, as usual in the launch of Codemasters, and perhaps bring hope to Polish certain aspects of the game that do not like to the users.

From EA Sport, the company of video games who was in charge of developing the degrees of F1, were to lose their rights, Bernie Ecclestone reached out to Codemasters, but the british company in certain aspects has not been at the height, although it is gradually improving and the last few titles in the series have been somewhat better than the first, there is still a work in terms of graphics, bugs, optimization, and some details that improve the AI.

F1 2015 videojuego Red BullFor the moment, as it was expected, there is no release date, so we have to wait and see when official data on the sales of the game. But that has commented Codemasters is that in the new delivery has heard the request of some users of previous versions and have been taken into account for the design and development. To see if they are doing good work, the company will leave the players more veterans to play for the title in the Beta stage.

The fans will be able to test this pre-release from the offices of Codemasters at the beginning of 2016. If they give the okay, the title is Polish and will be for sale. In case you have to correct something, the developers will listen to the testers and follow a route to improve the aspects that still are not to the height. The video game, except surprise, will be available for the Windows, Xbox and PlayStation.