The video is most amazing thing you will see in a long time, wheels, omni-directional

that said, brands like Mercedes, Volvo, Tesla, or BMW do not cease to amaze us with inventions and technologies very impressive. They are more capable of development, the budget helps, but not the only ones. And if you do not look what has managed to engineer this canadian with a lot of creativity and time.

The invention seems simple, but it is not. William Liddiard, as it’s called, has developed a system of wheels, omni-directional. A complex system allows the car to roll onto itself in addition to being able to move lengthwise. A genius who would be especially practical in the real world.

The conventional tires have been replaced by rubber rollers. This allows the car not only can move as usual, but also do everything that we have said. In the outer disc has installed a small toothed wheels that manage to make the rubber turn to be able to move the car in various directions and angles.


Two rubber rollers, replace the tire, get the car to turn in any direction

But now come the bad news. Liddiard ensures that the car is not viable for on-road use. The installation does not ensure a correct operation, however, states that with more budget and development the system would be fully functional and viable for common use. What we will see in production cars? Practical it would be.