The video more dramatic, and why they accepted to disclose the accident in which their sons died

, it is Not rare that on the internet, arising out videos, often morbid, in that show traffic accidents with fatal consequences, serious injuries, and even deaths. Not that these videos have been recorded from the crashed car, or even show us the last moments of life of the occupants. More strange is that it was the police who disclosed the video. And even more that are the families, who drive their disclosure. The police of Sussex, in the south of England, published these days, the video saw two guys drunk, and evidence that circulated very quickly, until the video was interrupted by a great roar and a black cast. An ending that reminds you of a famous tv series. And an ending that unfortunately was not fiction, the two youngsters had died, practically in the act.

The driver had no licence, driving under the influence of different drugs and to an excessive rate of speed.

The original video has already surpassed 6 million views in a few days. That’s without taking into account the amount of copies which are already circulating on Youtube. If they wanted to reach a wide dissemination by posting it, it seems to have gotten.

The video was recorded on the mobile phone of one of the boys, which appeared under a tree at the scene of the accident. Kyle Careford, age 20; and his friend Michael Owen, 21, drove a Renault Clio after having taken – according to the authorities – a combination of illegal drugs and drugs that require a prescription. Kyle, who had no driving licence and drove without insurance, crashed the Renault Clio of his friend against the wall of a parish.

The police found the video, and the family gave their consent to make it public with the aim of raising awareness to other kids, and to avoid the re-produce accidents like this.

The reason why the police in Sussex reported the video (see press release), of course counting with the express consent of the family, which was no other than remember the dangers of all violations and irresponsibility that committed these kids. Starting with the fact of driving without a licence, in what apparently seemed a driving lesson inappropriate. To this was added the effect of the drugs and the excess of speed.

Now your family is protected in the fact that, with this video you get to avoid that a single person dies in similar circumstances, will have been worth it to make it public (see the top video of the documentary of the BBC). Something that I sincerely honor, because if it is hard to lose a loved one in a traffic accident, is even more to see the moment in which the accident occurred and that millions of people have been the witnesses also of the event.

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