The video presentation worst ever created: “Feel My Fire” and the Mosler Raptor GTR

Mosler was an American manufacturer of supercars, which launched its MT900 to exploit the global financial crisis in 2009. Things did not end well for Mosler: It was overpriced and looked like a car kit, despite promise superior performance of the Bugatti Veyron. In 2012 they released the Mosler Raptor GTR , equipped with a turbocharged 7.0 V8 838 CV . The company had legal problems, and video presentation car you are going to see next was the straw that broke the camel. is so bad it’s hilarious.

breakdance mix with a kind of lesbian orgy with clothes and cars. What more do you want?

is called “Feel My Fire” and mix video with video presentation of a car. It is the “masterpiece” of Todd Wagner, one of the founders of Mosler, and he singer Abby Cubey appears, then his girlfriend. Wagner intended to use the video to launch his career and promote your car dramatically. Best Video reviews speak of his voice resembles that of Yoko Ono – glups – since it is so bad, it’s hilarious. Seriously, no where to get it.

breakdance mix with a kind of lesbian orgy with clothes, garnishing with poorly executed burnouts and Home Edition. Legal problems of Todd Wagner with other partners Mosler did nothing but worsen after the publication of the video, in 2012. The other partners refused even to meet Wagner and the company was liquidated shortly thereafter. Apparently, the Raptor GTR was little more than an unauthorized one MT900S , created by Wagner in a sort of spin-off using the name of Mosler preparation.

Anyway, musical minutes will not forget in a long time.

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