The vinyl transformed this into a Dodge Charger General Lee rusty


A Dodge Charger was transformed in Sweden with the look of an old-looking General Lee. The work falls within the so-called ‘rustbucket’.


Dodge Charger General Lee (Suecia) A l look old-looking vinyl we met recently when an owner of a Volkswagen Transporter transformed with an issue that appeared to have been in the open for decades. Now the owner of a Dodge Charger decided to honor the iconic General Lee , albeit from a special perspective.

The work was carried out by WrapZone in Sweden, but the design work is the responsibility of an American form called Skepple. Then the vinyl was printed and placed on the Charger.

Of course not missing any of the details of the General original, such as number 01 on the doors, the Confederate Flag on the roof and orange paintwork Lee. However detail is given by the aging applied to the surface , which occurs with stains and a look that mimics the damage the sun causes about painting.

Dodge Charger General Lee (Suecia) Oddly see a Dodge Charger in Sweden, the Swedes have a great passion for muscle cars Americans, something almost unrivaled in the rest of Europe.

The call appearance ‘rustbucket’ is slowly gaining popularity. It is a branch of customizing vehicles, favors the aging aspect cars, where the rust is the main protagonist. And as it is no longer necessary to use an airbrush artist to achieve the effect, self-adhesive vinyl offers unlimited possibilities for lovers of this new genre.

Dodge Charger General Lee (Suecia)



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