The VLF Destination know your first propieratio

The deliveries of the VLF Destination begin to be made. The stunning sedan stands as one of the sedans faster than there are in addition to having a design irresistibly sporty despite being a bodywork of four doors. For those who are a little clueless about the relaunch of the defunct Fisker Karma but equipped with a combustion engine lowered the hood from one of the most famous sporting there.


Its first owner is not nothing less than the very Bob Lutz, the former head of product of MG and co-founder of the new VLF Automotive, fruit of the collaboration between this, Henrik Fisker, a former designer of Aston Martin and former co-founder of Fisker Automotive, and the entrepreneur Gilbert Villarreal. Although on the note of original press it is specified that a recognized artist of the music you will be the owner of one of these, it is speculated that they talk about Carlos Santana.

The new Destination occurs in Michigan, USA, and in a short print run of a few dozen vehicles a year to a selling price that departs from the 229.000 $ , more than double than the cost of the Fisker Karma original.


The body of the sedan hybrid Fisker Karma has scarcely undergone changes, we may take it as if it was a restyling is trying to keep the image fresh although since its birth in 2009 its appearance has always been very attractive, even to this day. The most significant changes we will find in its interior, since the mechanical hybrid has been replaced by the V8 engine supercharged from the Corvette ZR-1.

Their benefits are obviously higher. We cannot discredit the six seconds that took the Karma to reach 100 km/h thanks to the combination between its combustion engine of 260 HP on the front axle and two motors in the rear that provided the 408 HP and 1,200 Nm of maximum torque. However his power was limited by the energy of their batteries.


The Force 1 is the next sport that will produce VLF

Now the new VLF Destination account with a combustion engine that provides 647 CV at 6.800 rpm and 819 Nm of maximum torque at 3,800 rpm without limitations, unless you run out of fuel. Their new strength allows them to reach the 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds and break the barrier of the 320 km/h of maximum speed.

The start of production of the Target also invites the company to continue its expansion by launching very soon the manufacturing of the VLF Force 1, a sports coupe that takes some components from the Dodge Viper which will be priced higher than the sedan: more than 268,000 $ the unit.