The Volkswagen Arteon a step to be revealed in Geneva

Volkswagen Arteon

The Volkswagen Group is continuing with its plan to improve its image commercial. Within this plan is the change (almost completely) of their range of models and among them there is one that we especially like. The Volkswagen Arteon (we do not know if its the final name will be this) proposes a big saloon court coupe with a tune tinged with sports.

The above Volkswagen Passat CC (or DC-to-dry) was not able to meet the expectations of the most passionate of the brand and the brand now hopes to achieve this with the Arteon. Your body will continue to count with a few lines similar to those of the CC (only in concept and not real), and also will continue to maintain its bodywork of five doors.

In this case, you bring the second image that has been leaked about the model. The reason for their finding is that Volkswagen has been reported that your submission will be official in the next Geneva motor show. In particular, the brand has located the next seven march to the 19 hours of the afternoon to see how you discover this new model.

Volkswagen Arteon

At the technical level we do not yet know many details, but yes we know that his base is the same as that of the Volkswagen Passat current. This makes us understand that it will be a great router, and you’ll have a good dynamic capabilities. The rest of the technical details we will have when the firm unveils the model in Geneva and we talk more about it.

If we go to the aesthetic plane we say that Arteon has a front that is joined by the headlights with the front grille. This makes it look like a single block (to eye level) and therefore its design may seem more impressive. Your side will save a large resemblance to its predecessor, however its lines will be more distinct and dynamic.

At an inner level we do not know how it will be the model. The only thing that has mentioned the brand is that it will be very spacious and you will have a space for the legs more than the previous model. In addition, and following the footsteps of its brothers brand, will have a large arsenal of assistants to the driving as well as several systems of infotainment to entertain the passengers.

For more information, on the 7th of march to the 19-hour we will see in Geneva.

Source – Volkswagen Group