The Volkswagen Arteon continues its development before it is presented in 2017


Its silhouette is clearly more stylized than that of a sedan conventional.

again we managed to capture one of the other test drives of the Volkswagen Arteon, which will be the replacement of the current Volkswagen CC (Comfort Coupe) and we’ll birth in 2017, as the brand already announced to us, and their prices in Europe will start at around 35,000 euros.

Far from being a mere evolution or change of generation of the volkswagen has DC current, Arteon will be positioned higher in the range, separating both aesthetically as by size. The new model dispondrá of about 4.90 meters, in place of 4.80 meters of the vehicle and the 4.76 of the current Passat.

however, to highlight your character of the coupĂ©, despite being more long also will be more low, stylizing your image with respect to the Passat, while the battle will be long 5 cms, so you’ll have more space in the cabin.


The lag is very short, but with a large overhang.

Its range of engines will be composed by blocks of 4-cylinder supercharged, probably the 2-liter on both diesel and gasoline, as well as a more predictable hybrid version. This would be the mechanical plant plug-in hybrid to the Passat GTE, which is composed by a gasoline engine 1.4-liter TSI, with 156 HP and 250 Nm, combined with an electric motor of 116 HP and 330 Nm of torque. The power total combined of 218 HP with an average consumption of just 1.7 liters/100 km

will Have automatic transmission DSG and all-wheel drive system 4Motion in some versions, being standard in the box 6-speed manual and front-wheel drive.

One of the markets to which it is pointing to the new Arteon will be the united States, which already sells the Passat manufactured specifically for that market, with slight changes with respect to the european.