The Volkswagen Arteon is left to see in its first promotional video

Volkswagen Arteon

The past Geneva motor show witnessed the international presentation of the new Volkswagen Arteon. This great sedan with format coupe comes to replace the already veteran of DC, and after your presentation is static to the media and visitors of the appointment switzerland, the German firm has decided to launch a promotional video. In this film we can see the Arteon in all its angles, in addition to how well it looks in motion.

With 4,86 meters of length is now the flagship of the German firm waiting for the Phaeton back to life as an electric model. Best of all, is that if the rumors are confirmed it would be the alternative teuton to the Tesla Model S. however, while this happens or not, thanks to its MQB platform will provide passengers a passenger compartment and a cargo space the biggest in the segment. All of this facilitated by the large gate that gives access to your trunk.

throughout the video we can see how the driver makes use of different assistants to the driving with that will come the new Arteon. Headlights leds, parking camera, digital instrumentation cockpit of the brand, adaptive cruise control among other items. In addition to the usual comfort climate control, the best infotainment system that there is in the brand and others.

The engines that will hit the market as we know, but we will review. In gas the customer may choose the TSI in versions with 1.5-liter displacement and 150 hp or the more prestacional 2-liter versions of the 190 or 280 hp. diesel the offer is comprised solely of a block 2 liters with three levels of power, that is to say, 150, 190 or 240 hp.

By now your price we don’t know, although, as it will not be long in getting to the dealers means you will know sooner rather than later. For now enjoy this awesome model in motion and we look forward to what we can prove to tell you our driving impressions.

Source – Volkswagen

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