The Volkswagen Arteon Variant could be like this thanks to X-Tomi Design

Volkswagen Arteon Variant X-Tomi Design

X-Tomi Design

Volkswagen Arteon is grabbing most of the news of the German mark. The hatchback coupe of the house have ahead of them a difficult task in terms of representation and sales, as suddenly it has become the flagship of the signature. To achieve the purposes of the mark in addition to a range of mechanical broad could have another variant of body.

Its format coupe makes it impossible to have this variant of the bodywork. Make the move to a traditional cut is unnecessary as the Passat’s traditional already occupies this place in the catalog of the firm. The option we’re left with is a silhouette Variant with the increase its volume of trunk for parents looking for a car with silhouette and sports a nice cabin in which to leave the things of the kids.

Volkswagen Arteon

The great X-Tomi Design has left us with a render of how it could be this version Variant of Arteon. The design is spectacular as it has managed to combine harmoniously the lines of the Arteon coupe with the that could have its hypothetical body Variant. Obviously loses some of its elegance because when having a roof line with a lower fall is not accentuates its sporty character.

For now we only have this render, but according to Elmar-Marius Licharz, head of products at Volkswagen, the option of giving a body Variant to the Arteon will depend on the initial reception to the model. The idea could be materialized to fight against the Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake because by now it is only in this segment of the market and represents the essence in terms of sportiness and interior space with a wide (relatively) for a family with aspirations of racing.

Will have to see the receipt that has the Arteon in your format coupé, and we will be watching out for those responsible in the Volkswagen Group give the nod to this body Variant. All in all, will have a major market that will receive you with open arms, because the versions family are gaining ground, in front of the sedans traditional. Who knows, as you sell more units than the coupe version.

Source – X-Tomi Design

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